Saint Lucy, The Inner Eye

Today is the day we celebrate Saint Lucy. Her name, deriving from the Latin “lux” (light), evokes brightness and clarity. According to legend, Lucy lost her eyes during the persecutions of Emperor Diocletian, but God restored her sight. How did this miracle occur? Could it be that, following the loss of physical sight, Lucy developed a deeper perception, a kind of “inner vision” or spirituality, that allowed her to “see” the material world and beyond?

This could explain why she is depicted with a crown of candles on her hair and the association of her name with an inner light, more powerful than what is visible to the eyes. As a messenger of Light, the feast of Saint Lucy, the patroness of sight, heralds the imminent arrival of Christmas. Let us remember, today, to cultivate our inner vision to perceive life in a deeper and more meaningful light, especially in these increasingly dark days.

Bernard and Angy

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