Santa Klaus kneeling before baby Jesus

Christmas’ heart

It will be a different Christmas, we know it. We will miss the joy of being together in serenity. We will also miss the hugs, the moments of physical closeness. In this atypical Christmas where we cannot show our love to the outside world, the time has come to look inside ourselves. We can find in our hearts the strength of this love that goes beyond social distancing. Only by reviving this divine part of our heart, as Christ did, can we be able to envelop with a breath of love those who meet us on the path of Life. On this Christmas Eve let us remember, even for a moment, perhaps just at midnight, to remember and awaken in our hearts that flame that carries his message of love.

With all our hearts we wish you all a Merry Christmas,

Bernard and Angy Rouch

Santa Klaus kneeling before baby Jesus

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