Bernard Rouch

Bernard Rouch

Bernard Rouch trained as an engineer (Degree in Engineering at the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Toulouse and Masters at the Higher National School of Telecommunications in Paris). Since adolescence he developed a great sensitivity to the approach of subtle bodies and to energetic and metaphysical reality. He learnt these therapies directly from Anne Givaudan and Daniel Meurois, and for over twenty years he has taught to an increasing number of students in various countries, among which Italy, France, Spain and Canada (Québec). He is now also developing programs for the English-speaking world, thanks to an ever increasing demand.

Lama Gangchen says about him:

“Bernard himself has pursued his studies in engineering and microelectronics and moreover his spiritual research through various traditions of the Middle East, Asia and in particular of Egypt. He has a rich experience and his dedicated work as teacher and compassionate healer of the Egyptian therapies of the Essenes has benefitted thousands of people worldwide. It is of great relevance to keep these ancient wisdom traditions alive and continue to make them accessible to our modern troubled world. Since many years Bernard has conducted courses in Albagnano and we look forward to continue our long and fruitful friendship and collaboration.
1 greatly rejoice in Bernard Rouch’s activities and wish both Bernard and Angela a very joyful and healthy life together, full of strength, energy and success for their contribution to preserve these precious ancient Essenes methods and make them available to heal the world and its people.

Tashi Delek”
Lama Gangchen Tulku Rinpoche (2016)