Our values



It would be much easier to teach all our students in the same way, thus creating a single therapeutic model. In the field of therapy, however, each of us has their own essence, their own distinctive colour, their personal life path and experiences.

During the training, a team of assistants will support the students, helping them develop their own skills. Our intent is to draw out the unique and distinctive qualities of each of them by aiming to develop the sensitivity, perception and vision in each person. In this way the specific aspects of a therapist, which they already possess but may be unaware of, can freely emerge. Individual practice, encouraged from the beginning, is facilitated thanks to exercises executed in couples or small groups, in the believe that direct experience can help rapid learning and mastering of the various techniques.

Since learning energetic practices is inseparable from a path of inner transformation, the therapies taught in the three year course are only guidelines which the aspiring therapists will follow to model and shape the therapies as and where necessary, thanks to the use of the subtle senses and therapeutic skills.



Uniting intuition and reason, heart and thought.

The training groups include people from all walks of life. They are involved in different activities, from health and wellness to holistic and energetic disciplines, on a professional or informal basis. These human differences enrich the group and the individual participants.

During the course, much importance is given to the development of perception and intuition, and to explaining how the human body and psichological mechanisms work. The students learn to observe life and its various events with different eyes, and learn to welcome and understand life’s challenges in a more positive way. Light things can be taken more seriously and serious matters can be dealt with more lightly.

The relaxed and friendly atmosphere experienced during the training course, as well as the various group activities and cultural exchanges, promote the forming of deep friendships and genuine sharing among the participants.


Kid creativity

Love towards ourselves is a fundamental principle: the more we know ourselves, the more we accept ourselves and discover our inner light and essence, the more we are in harmony with ourselves, with the external world, with our life goals and desires.

It is important to seek and develop a simple approach to life to be able to observe the world with the heart, to become genuinely humble, to meet our deep self and develop a real capacity to help others.

Thanks to our accumulated experience we have tried to create a pedagogical structure aimed at guaranteeing continuous support to the students throughout the training program. We leave plenty of space for personal experiences and free expression of each student. Understanding and respect of others are the only rules to follow.



The students are encouraged to be themselves, to express their views freely without boundaries. Drawing from the sources of Ancient Egyptian, Essene, Buddhist and Vedic traditions, we propose a way to rediscover a ‘therapeutic art’ that allows each individual to manifest themselves, to be the protagonist and artist of their own life.

The aim is to integrate various teachings with the individual therapeutic practices, allowing the healer within each of them to freely manifest.

St. Francis of Assisi said: ‘’Those who work with their hands are labourers, those who work with their hands and head are artisans, those who work with their hands, head and heart are artists’’. This is our main intent. As a consequence, we are able to free ourselves from negative influences, to welcome and transform energy blockades, to open ourselves both to others and ourselves, to see the world with different eyes and act more freely.


During the courses, we encourage the participants to pose questions that can be useful to the personal and collective growth. Humor and lightheartedness accompany every lesson, creating a positive and pleasant atmosphere. The students gradually learn to let their inner preconceptions go.

“Life is a game, play it.”