Our approach

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” (Gandhi)

In search of an holistic approach to the individual

Global Health

Rather than focusing on an illness or a particular pain, our approach takes into account the person as a whole. Ancient healing traditions did not separate the body, the soul and the mind, it regarded the being as a balanced whole. Illness was the sign of an inner imbalance, a separation. In the days of Ancient Egypt, one of the first questions Egyptian therapists asked their patients was “who or what are you at war with? “

Treating the patient through ourselves

How can we treat a patient if we cannot treat ourselves? Our approach combines the learning of therapies while following a genuine inner path which helps to better assimilate the therapy itself.
This path is meant for those who already practice the relationship of help (physicians, therapists), as well as those who, from all walks of life, want to learn how to help and heal.

Reconnect to a sacred breath

The Egyptian Essene therapeutic art connects us to a sacred breath that passes through us like a wave, allowing us to become channels between Heaven and Earth.

Ancient societies thought that the spirit animated all things, and gave sense to each individual by allocating them to their proper place in society. The relationship with Life was considered sacred and offered the values ​​and rules to guide society. The loss of meaning in life is just a disease of the 20th and 21st century: industrialization and globalization in particular lead to a dissociation between the economic, environmental and social. Our approach is “spiritual” in the literal sense, allowing the spirit to guide our actions.

Helping one to grow

Plant growing

The training lasts 3 years.

With a clear structure to follow, teaching materials and tutors present at every session (who also offer follow-ups), each student can learn at his own pace. The training is open to everyone whatever their background, profession, experience, family status or religious beliefs. Its aim is to develop what was acknowledged in Egyptian times as ‘an art of therapy’ whose purpose was ‘to make the self whole’. The tuition deals with all of the following: energetic harmonisation with the patient, understanding the human body in terms of its physical, emotional and mental mechanisms, and its psychology, developing intuition and sensitivity, energetic healing, various techniques of analysis and healing (aura reading, the nadis and the chakras, the healing sound, yoga and meditations, plant elixirs). Detailed explanations are available in the TREATMENT and TRAINING sections.