Pyramid Sphynx

The traditions that inspire us

The Egyptian and Essene sources


At the time of the ancient Egyptians, when the reddish earth tinged Kemi (Egypt’s ancient name), the therapist was a priest and a doctor, a herbalist, an astronomer, a psychologist, an astrologer ..

The medicine was for the soul, the body and the spirit, considered as an inseparable whole that the therapist was asked to unite. Heart, knowledge and desire were the qualities which were needed.

For the Essenes who lived mainly on the shores of the Dead Sea at that time, these principles were anchored to a way of living that integrated spirituality, health, daily life and the rhythms of nature, which often led the therapist to where they were needed, sometimes requiring a long journey.

Over the centuries, these oral traditions were dispersed, diluted, and emptied of their original meaning. Drawing from the source of these ancient traditions, our training retains the spiritual path of ‘Being’, with an approach that unifies heart, intuition and reason.

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The Vedic and Buddhist traditions


Drawing on ancient Indian, Vedic and Tibetan traditions, these therapies contain the wisdom that has always attracted humanity to the East, and which now has spread to the West.

By weaving the thin threads of many traditions together, a rich fabric of knowledge and good practices can be obtained. This is now made ​​available by Bernard Rouch, who lived in India from childhood, spending long periods in the Buddhist monastery where his mother lives and who, for the above mentioned reasons, is willing to share in these training courses, the essence of Eastern traditions.