This training will give you a higher vibration than you normally have. And how to put together the different spheres of your life together. To give a deep meaning to what you live.

Danilo De Martin

Taking the course from Therapist is not a “reasoned” choice, it’s something you feel, that you feel inside. Doing it with those who feel the same recall is very enjoyable and joins you beyond the normal friendship relationship …. In the end is like going home and finding your own family

Marco Pasquinelli Marco Pasquinelli

… meeting Egyptian Essenian therapies about twenty years ago was for me to find the map of Life hidden under a rock. Today, I continue to follow the lines of discovery of a plan of consciousness that puts Truth where there is still the doubt and illusion, which places Spazio where instead stands for constraint, […]

Christian Visintainer

I started training in 2005, and this inner journey continues, a journey without end, with more and more awareness and joy. I wish everyone that he has the opportunity to start this journey.

Luigi Pescini