The chimes of the new year

This year is coming to the end and the new year is at the doors. In the 10 seconds midnight, in that short period of time, while waiting for the new year to come, different feelings will arise in our hearts, ready to chase new horizons. Immediately after midnight, all wishes are full of joyful expectations, hoping for a different year, rich of new opportunities. Each and every one, in his own heart, will place his dreams and goals, to be realized in the following year.

For this new year to come, the wish is to always remember to let the Blow of our Soul drive us, and to not be driven in the direction of our emotions, but to be in control of our existence, to find the keys to open our consciousness. Wishing that the first days of 2020 will be a stop to think and listen, to awaken our soul and raise our spirit: an opportunity to never be asleep, but always floating with the flow of that love that will guide us towards freedom of being.
A happy new year with all of my heart.

Bernard and Angie

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