Natale di luce

Christmass for humanity

Why has Jesus’s birth become so impressed in the human’s soul to be remembered in such a strong way, even till nowadays?

What marked the people so much, like it does to us today, was the energy there was when the Divine Child was born, with all of the miracles that came with him.

The biggest gift of all was his capacity of spreading Love, from the day of his arrival on Earth. As soon as his eyes were open, his look was powered by love. Love not only towards the other, not only towards his self, but for every single life on Earth.

On this Christmas day, while taking time to listen to the sound of the bells, the sweet melody of a choir, the sound of a friendly voice, the warmth of one’s heart… the wish that every single one of you can, by celebrating God’s Son, always remember to be in service of the Divine Love for the entire Humanity.

Bernard & Angy

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