The luminous road of the Wesak

Kailash mountain
Mount Kailash

Here is the Wesak sacred feast, today, in the middle of May,! This is the time of the year where, second to the Buddhist tradition, our road becomes ever brighter. These days, you can earn a more intense force that comes from the earth, and that motivates us even more to move forward in our journey of inner change.

Great authors such as Alice Bailey and Rudolf Steiner explain that this is the time of the year when Earth’s energy has a higher frequency, closer to that of the Masters and the Guides of Humanity. By accepting this particular force of the earth then, our walking can only be faster …
And here, if we are aware, we can no longer stop the wings of change, because life is a continuous movement …

A question arises spontaneously: moving to go where? In fact, our life may seem to us to be an overwhelming movement! For this reason it is said that in the days of Vesak, our road is brighter: to be able to see things more clearly and choose the right direction. Listen better to the call of our own souls, to decide with her our life trajectory: one that leads us towards reconciliation with ourselves. So let’s take advantage of these days to let our usual weights go and dare change. Today we are more than ever accompanied and supported by those who are ahead of us, by the Masters of Wisdom. We take advantage of their proximity to receive and accommodate their drive and their blessings for our growth and for the whole of Humanity.
Good Vesak,

Bernard and Angie
(Text by Bernard Rouch, photo by Angela Cadrobbi)

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