Ode to Spring


When there are days like this when the sun is shining and the temperature gets up then it gets the skin change of season. With spring comes a new birth which is not only the nature but also inside us.

Winter is over and it’s time to get out of our inner shell. We can open the doors of our soul to new realities, new ideas, new projects.

This change is in the air that surrounds us feels just like a different quality that drives us to awaken from a sleep that lasted for perhaps too long.

The winter has allowed us to settle what we have done in the past, to develop, to understand and to forgive. Unlike sleep, it is not always a refreshing winter but is a vital step. Each season has its own reason.

With spring comes new adventures and new dreams. It creates a vortex of energy within us that nourishes our soul and that brings me back to the outside. This vortex has a name: “transformation.” And ‘the transition into us from one season to another. This is not a push or a job we have to do with the will. The transition is made by myself. The important thing is not to prevent it, but rather let flow in a shift that is already there.

Now is the time of becoming. For this reason we feel the need to escape from a state of solitude to get in touch with everything that life has given us. Feeding our souls with new experiences with his eyes, hearing, touch and breath.

And this breath, which penetrates well through the skin, deeply nourishes the soul. A first breath that makes us feel the change of season in the air. It is what teaches us to enjoy every moment and that allows us to perceive the feeling of peace and well-being that accompanies it. Spring is the union between the upper and the lower part of our body, between heaven and earth. It is a light breeze, like a brush, dusting powders and eliminates mental, have settled upon us.

These powders are our thoughts, thoughts about us, about our words, acts that we have done or not. It ‘s time to leave everything to be transported and processed after the inclusion of winter.

Let us carry ourselves. Trying to feel light, free and without weights. Hear this aria that lightens the burdens accumulated, the heaviness think about it, the heaviness experienced even those that someone has loaded on his shoulders unconsciously.

That is why it is important at this time to move our body, move with a movement, a dance, cover of this vibration spring. Walking in nature is very useful because it often helps to find direction when our way seems confused.

And with the heat of the sun finally descends upon us, with the lightness of the air that enters into us, we can thank for a new cycle of life that is about to begin.

Thank the Divine for the life he has given us.