What is an angel really?


Monday after Easter is a feast in honor of the Angel who was at the door of the Holy Sepulcher when the three Marie went to Jesus and as yesterday was remembered. As a child, when they talked to me, I often wondered, “How is it really an angel?” I then had the immense fortune to meet one. He left me an indelible trace in my conscience. I did not see him with eyes physical, but I perceived it because it emitted such a power to look like flesh and bones.

The first feeling I had was a great surprise for something I had never seen but that I knew to exist at the bottom of myself. I can not tell whether her energy was feminine or masculine as she perceived the perfect marriage between the sweetness and tenderness of a mother and the strength and impetus of a father. This being of light was the synthesis of the qualities to which it was. A being belonging to what we all hope for future humanity.

As he stood beside me I felt a slight vibration over the skin he penetrated, and then nourished, all my body. As if my body had recognized it. It was an Angel, my body, my heart, all my being told me. There was no room for doubt. What I had before me is not easy to define it with words but I can testify that it was like breathing the breath of the divine breath.

The angel breathed the power of the divine and breathed with the exhalation the love of his presence.

In front of the Angel I could see my weaknesses and shortcomings. As if in front of so much light, it was easier to see all the parts of myself. I could not do anything else to bend my head in front of a being completely at the service of the Divine.

Today, his imprint does not vanish and continues to live within me. I understand that with such inner strength, such a connection to the divine, Angels can do anything. Nothing is forbidden. Now, when there is a miracle cure, something inexplicable, I think within myself that probably the soul of that human being has managed to connect so wonderful to the Divine to allow the intervention of an Angel!



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