Raffaello, "Resurrezione di Cristo"

Resurrection’s teaching

Raffaello, “Resurrezione di Cristo”

The temple priests were convinced that by spectacularly putting Christ to death and persecuting his disciples, they would annihilate his message. Contrary to their expectations, the violence that culminated in the crucifixion only served to amplify his teachings. Indeed, the resurrection of Christ unleashed a wave of hope that crossed the borders of every nation, touching the hearts of very diverse people and spreading with a speed unimaginable to the priests.

Two thousand years later, it seems that the message conveyed by history has been forgotten by those who still see war as a solution to conflicts, believing it can lead to peace. This view, although it may seem pragmatic in critical moments, overlooks the deep and lasting wounds left by war on individuals and society. Now, as we feel the echo of potential conflicts growing louder, we can draw inspiration from the response of the early Christians: choosing to live hope not just in words, but through our actions.

Recognizing that wars are fueled by our internal conflicts, we can already seek to establish peace within ourselves and in our relationships. Cultivating hope begins deep within each person’s soul and spreads outward, triggering a chain reaction capable of leading to significant changes.

We hope that this Easter can become an opportunity to renew our commitment to building a fairer and more just world. We trust that everyone can rediscover hope under the blessed sign of the Risen Christ.

Happy Easter to all,

Bernard and Angie ❤️

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