Jesus was born on december 25th?

On December 25, we celebrate the nativity of Jesus. But the in-depth reading of the Gospel puts this thesis under discussion. Luke, for example, writes that at the time of Jesus’ birth the shepherds kept watch at night to guard their flocks. In December, in Judea. the nights are rainy and cold so it is hard to imagine the shepherds watching over their flock at night.

So what are we celebrating on December 25th? Already, since ancient times, many feasts were celebrated on December 25th: that of the birth of Mithra, the victorious deity of the forces of darkness to be called sol invictus (sun vanquished). The meeting between the gods and Celtic party men of Yule. The birth of Horus of a father who died and was resuscitated by the magic of his mother Isis.

All these celebrations celebrated December 25 as a special date during which the power of the sun manages to overcome the shadow, death. Today, as then, this night offers us the opportunity to let go of our barriers, the shields that envelop our soul and prevent it from being in contact with God.

Why not give way to miracles? Let our soul be touched and open the door of the heart to make the light penetrate. Let us remember with a true inner conviction that the Divine can do everything: create, dissolve and transform. If only we really let the door open, then it would release that joy of the heart that should fill those festive days.

Merry Christmas to everyone

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