Noli me tangere

The earth trembled…

The earth trembled… the fire came down to earth to awaken the souls and bring awareness and was extinguished without being recognized by everyone. The earth shaked of that tremor that wraps us when there is a conflict between what happens and what should be.
That tremor of the earth therefore was like a burst of the heart in front of such a dismissive act but that created a wave to reconnect us to the father and transform us. That moment marked the progressive death of an old and limiting way of thinking, and allowed the miracle of Easter.
Today, through the death and resurrection of the son, the spirit and the reconnection to the father, we can bring new light to a humanity not inclined to look towards infinity and to take consciousness and awareness of his own soul

Happy Easter of joy to all
Bernard and angy

“Noli me tangere” Giotto, Capella dei Scrovegni, Padova, Italy

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