Easter (de)confined

Easter Sunday is traditionally an opportunity to meet with our family around the table to celebrate the interior renewal that Christ taught us by his example. Because of the historic moment we are going through, this Easter lunch will be much more intimate. In this time when we are physically forced to distance ourselves from each other, where we miss of our loved ones, why not take the opportunity to dive into the heart of ourselves, in our inner Christ, to be able to really meet with them? In this sacred heart space where his presence is felt, the distances are canceled out and we are able to relate to all the people we would like to be by our side.

Why can’t we, for easter lunch, add an additional plate to the table for our inner Christ or place on the table a symbolic object that reminds us of him? His presence will connect us to this interiority that brings us back to the heart of things, where our consciousness ignores distances. So when the time finally comes for us to be able to leave our homes, we will be ready to welcome others with a renewed heart and a true spirit of reconciliation.

The ringing of the festive bells invites us to welcome this return to life that we long for and to bring us back to this Divine vibration of Christ that resides in us. Our wish, for this Easter, is that we can feel renewed in the embrace of Christ to find the inner strength to make the change that the present time calls for.

Bernard and Angy

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