“I leave you Peace, I give you My Peace”

Among so many countries, Jesus chose to be born in Palestine, a country in revolt occupied by Roman troops. A country where violence was commonplace, where bandits ruled the roads and where the Zealots incited revolt against the Empire. What better way to instill a message of peace than to choose a country at war? In his violent world, just like ours today, Jesus brought a promise of peace in three levels.

Peace within ourselves, the ability to forgive, let go and find harmony within ourselves.
Peace with others, which is the ability to radiate inner peace to those close to us, influencing them positively.
Peace in the world, the awareness that, despite our differences, we are all linked by a common desire to live in harmony with each other.
The Christmas celebration, these moments shared with our families and our closest friends, are a privileged opportunity to build bridges where there were previously divisions. It is not by waiting for everything to be resolved that we will find peace, on the contrary, it is by finding peace that everything will be resolved harmoniously. This year, let us remember that peace begins with a change of attitude within us that will then spread outwards, touching the lives of those around us. To do this, let us make sure that peace is at the heart of each of our actions and thoughts so that we can then radiate it around us. It is only in this way that we will be in Him and He in us, with all His love. Merry Christmas of Peace and Light!

Bernard and Angy

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