New Year’s flame

The year’s end that we leave behind can be likened to the sun setting on the horizon, making way for a new day. Even though it is no longer visible to us, the sun continues to shine, illuminating other parts of our planet. This reminds us that the light never stops embracing the Earth and nourishes our inner flame.

This flame is the source that quenches our soul, fuels our talents, and infuses joy into our life. If we neglect its presence, it is as if our inner sun is hiding behind clouds. Ignoring it for too long leads to even darker clouds, the prelude to storms.

To fuel our flame, heroic acts are not necessary; simple gestures like a smile or giving of oneself are sufficient. If we let ourselves be guided by the energy of this beginning of the year, we will find the courage to break our old patterns and explore the world with a new perspective. In doing so, we will rediscover ourselves, and in the process, find the true peace that comes from Him. This year, may our inner flame continually shine like the sun, illuminating each day without pause. Happy New Year,

Bernard and Angy

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