New Year’s Wave

When a wave crashes on the beach, it carries with it grains of sand that it deposits on the shore. Then, as it retreats, it carries away with it the grains that have not been adequately embedded in the sand. In the same way, let’s try to keep the best grains of sand from the year 2020. Even the lessons we have learned from the difficult times. Let us then let the ebb of the wave take with it the grains of sand that are no longer useful to us, such as for instance :

  • the personal distance, the social separation that we may have experienced and which sometimes led us to loneliness,
  • the poignant emotions that shook us, anger, fear and sadness. Although they have made us stronger today, they are not healthy in the long run.
  • and finally, all the excuses — true and false reasons — that may have hindered our life momentum.

The time has come to welcome the renewed wave of hope of this new year to open wide the door that connects us to our soul. This bond with our deepest essence will allow us a greater breath of freedom and the desire to fly beyond our own inner limits. Resume dreaming with that pure, confident and smiling look that children have when they know how to embrace with the heart and transform everything into a breath of love. We wish you a smiling and relaxed 2021. ❤️
Bernard and Angy

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