The new sun’s light


This Christmas commemorates the descent, two thousand years ago, of a great Light that has come to earth. For the ancients, this was the party of the “new sun” (Noel). The light of Christmas is a light that descends and enfolds us so as to be able to embody it even more and manifest it in our daily life.

E’ una luce che brilla così come dovrebbero brillare i nostri occhi se siamo riusciti davvero a farci inondare da essa. E’ una luce che risplende intorno a noi.

It’s a light that shines just as our eyes should shine if we really managed to make it flood it. It is a light that shines around us.

The Light of Christmas may seem impalpable but it is not. The strength and the drive it possesses are able to work miracles. They are able to wipe out the blocks that we create on an energetic level and that stop our soul. Those fears within us from which we slowly invaded and that no longer want us to progress.

It is easy to attribute the guilt of this inner restraint to situations, to others. Actually they come from that part of us who prefers to go on with the handbrake.

It all depends on where we want to go … If we want to be bearers of Light and then direct our heart and mind in the best way.

We wish you to spend these holidays in contact with people to share and remember that the light pushes with love and without pause. The quality of this Light asks us to abandon ourselves to its strength, to operate according to the universal law of the love of others. A light that warms up and never leaves. Merry Christmas from the heart,

Bernard & Angela

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