Advent, a time of sharing and reflection


Autumn is coming to an end, the year is coming to an end. Like trees that drop their leaves in order to break free to bloom again next season, it is time for us too, symbolically, to free ourselves from things that belong to the past.

We need to lighten ourselves, to free ourselves from our illusions.

Advent, which precedes Christmas, is a period of fasting and interiorization, in order to create a vacuum to make room for renewal.

Often this time of the year plunges us into a whirlwind of thoughts, perceptions and intuitions, but what lives and what we observe around us is often quite different. So, begin an inner struggle between our rational side that listens to what we have taught it, and our heart that speaks to us quite differently. One word, one gesture, and we feel that something is wrong.

This is the time of year that requires crossing the veil of appearances to see beyond. We remain too often lost in our own reality. In this world of communications through the internet, telephone, and social networks to which we are connected, we have forgotten the true exchange with the other, the true values.

So, the encounter with the other often becomes a confrontation. Each of us is guided by the survival instinct and the need to dominate the other. We have lost contact with the soul and the heart.

These conflicting and impulsive behaviors give us the feeling of taking power over the other, and being right. This feeling is only ephemeral, because true justice should not be a struggle, it should not be imposed. And when we have the sensation of having overcome the other, would not it be the moment to stop and think? What feeling do I feel after this victory? Is it really a victory, or is it just a defeat? why did I utter a whole series of arguments to impose myself on the other, to feed my “self” while forgetting the heart? Why did I forget to give a place to the other? why did not I listen to him with my heart? why did not I listen to what he was telling me, and why did not I establish a real rapport with the other?

I think that is how today we weaken our immune system and develop colds and autoimmune diseases. All of these thoughts, whether ours or those against which we struggle, are like blows that weaken our immune system and move us away from our reality. They separate us from ourselves and create an inconsistency between what we think we are and what we really are.

This succession of behaviors ends up locking us up in a sort of prison created by our own pretensions, our demands and our wounds, instead of growing up through a real exchange with the other.

Sometimes, after a long discussion, we believe that there has been an exchange, but it is only an illusion of our mind. This exchange produces nothing, except speak to speak.

Whenever I stood up to someone and thought I had affirmed myself, I actually locked myself in. I did not impose myself because I did not connect the heart to the mind.

When a feeling of injustice is felt about an event, it is important to listen to it. It is an alarm bell that invites awakening that it is important not to ignore, at the risk of losing our energy.

Too often we do not know it. However, this alarm must be listened to because it tells us: “attention! it is a situation that needs to be addressed and not postponed. ” The reporter would only increase the lack of understanding on both sides and perpetuate the same behaviors.

That’s why this time of the year is special, because it gives us the opportunity to go beyond appearances and see each other with a new look.

To prepare for the arrival of Christmas, or as it was formerly known as the “New Sun”, let’s try to put the best of ourselves, our mind and our heart in relation with others, not to defer explanations, and even though the exchange may seem hard, it will emerge more and more understanding, growth, and peace for all of us.

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