Are we or are we not in the new year?

Good intentions begin with the new year. Do we want to change for this new year or not? We can either choose to do it or not. We are paradoxical, always torn between a part of us that wants change and another that keeps postponing it indefinitely, hoping for it while remaining stuck in the old habits.

The tension originating from this inner conflict leads to stagnation which prolongs the status quo. The dissatisfaction of not being able to find a solution can lower our morale, or alternatively compels us to do a thousand things at the same time. We fill the day with so many commitments  that we avoid doing what is essential.

In these days of the new year I think it is important to take time to get to the centre of ourselves and listen. But how can we do this? What should we listen to? We become in touch with our centre when we can perceive what usually creates us confusion or impatience, when we become the witness to ourselves. Being centred means to feel the presence of the Divine we long for in our heart. Then we can listen to and start a dialogue with the highest part of ourselves. We can observe the train of our thoughts without being identified with them any longer, freeing ourselves to make the right decisions. This seems to me the best wish for this approaching 2018.

Angie and Bernard

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