Introducing the egyptian/essene therapies

Saturday, 6th January 2018 – 2:40 – 5:50 pm

Brighton Friends Meeting House – Ship Street, Brighton BN1 1AF

Introducing the Egyptian/Essene therapies in Brighton (UK)

If you are thinking about starting your personal and transformative path, if you have a curious mind and feel a connection with this event, if you want to learn more about this healing approach and future workshops,

join us!

The purpose of this open day is to introduce the Egyptian/Essene therapies to Brighton and to allow you to experience them on a practical and energetic level. We will create a sacred and genuine space in which you can mindfully explore your subtle senses and energy field, and reconnect with your heart and purpose. You will become more aware of your healing and perceptive abilities and your connection with worldly and spiritual energies.


• Introduction

• Harmonisation (Egyptian/Essene method)

• The origins of Egyptian/Essene Therapies and the Akashic records

• The therapist, the techniques and the therapies

• The healing process and cellular reprogramming

• Tools of transformation: sacred space & sacred sounds

• Sacred oils and hand activation

• Subtle self-perception

• Mindfully exploring your auric field

• Sharing and questions

• Closing the circle & final blessing

All welcome! 

Spread the love and bring friends, family and  lovers with you,

looking forward to meeting you all!


Maria & Arianna.


Free entrance- donations welcome

[email protected] – 07476898949

[email protected] – 07341465023


With Maria Pareo and Arianna d’Angiolino

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